Terms & Conditions of Biat

Terms & Conditions of Taking Biat

1. Biat ( Pledge of allegiance) is taken from Imam him self or from his appointed Khalifahs ( person who act as Imam) by submitting online application form for Ijaazat called Biat.
2. Whoever intends to take Biat ( Pledge of Allegiance) , its mandatory to fill and submit Application form for Ijaazat on this link: Form for Biat
3. Upon Submitting Application form for Ijaazat, Only Imam will give permission to his Khalifah to accept or reject the application.
4. Keep in mind that Imam also get permission to accept Biat after application from our master Sayidina Jibrael aleih salaam and other Angels with him, He also get permission to accept Biat from Allah Subhanahu Wataala, so our Ijaazat is the so valuable no amount of money you can pay to get it.
5.Upon acceptance of  Biat (pledge of allegiance) ,  Ijaazat is issued as an official document for confirmation.
6. Its Permissible for an individual to take Biat on behalf of his or her entire family. In this case, Ijaazat is issued to the family of applicant.
7. Ijaazat is for life time of applicant and his or her generation to come, they only need to produce original copy which has a number only for that family. 
8.Whoever is given Ijaazat immediately become a family of Imam and all those who got Ijaazat. Marriages must take place between them as first priority, but they may wish to marry any person who has not taken Biat on the permission of his or her Khalifah.
9. Traveling to Hajj or Umra must be with communication from Khalifah to join others going from different countries for proper arrangement.
10. Ijaazat is irreversible once its issued.
11. You do not have to change your Madhab ( Maliki, Shafie, Hambali, Abu-Hanifa) for Ahli Sunnah Wal-Jamah , and you do not have to change your Tariqa for Sufis. you can do so by own will and own wish. You only Take Biat to save Masjdil Aqsa with Imam. 

Ijaazat means to take an Oath to conduct my Imaan , Islam and Ihsaan according to Sharia with guidance of Imam.
1. After Ijaazat is issued, you must pay your mandatory Anual Zakat of 2.5%, and Zakatul Fitr towards end of Fasting Sacred holy month of Ramadan in accordance with guidance of Imam.
2. Marriages must be conducted in accordance with Sharia by guidance of Imam.
3. Functions and gatherings are to be conducted according to Sharia with guidance of Imam.
4. Wqfu ( Endowments) is responsibility of any one to contribute on its development.
5. Taking care of Orphans and helping the poor is sole responsibility done together with you, under your Khalifar, and Imam.
6. Must without fail obtain a printed copy of Holy Quran Al-Kareem Lil waritheen.
7. Must visit Imam at least once a year according to invitation from Imam through his Khalifah.